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    Tulips From Amsterdam – Dutch Language Program

    Trudy is the mainstay of the Voice FM Dutch program, sometimes assisted by Annie Wybenga and Peter Schoutens. Trudy, who is a great cook, used to run a little cafe and was asked by a previous Dutch presenter if she would like to join the Dutch program, but that was more than 20 years ago! Peter joined the Voice FM team to help with “Courier on the Air” but as often happens, our volunteers are multi-talented and he has not only helped with our Studio rebuild, OB’s, Panel Training for our “Courier on the Air” people and maintenance team but he also speaks Dutch and is a Voice FM Board Member. He presents ‘Drive’ every Thursday from 4 to 6 pm. Annie not only speaks Dutch but also presents ‘Fields of Gold’ every Monday afternoon from 2 – 4pm, followed by ‘Drive’ from 4 – 6pm. Yvon is a City of Ballarat Intercultural Advisor, who started her broadcasting career at Voice FM (then 3BBB) which lead to her being the Executive Producer Dutch at SBS Radio for 20 years. She is also Voice FM's Ethnic Coordinator. The Dutch program is one of Voice FM’s longstanding Ethnic programs that features: Dutch news and newspaper updates – ‘Dutch Courier’, Lots of Dutch and Belgium music and Interviews in Dutch or Flemish.

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