Operations Team

    Our Organisational Structure

    Adopted: 24 August 2019

    1. The Board
    2. Station Manager
    3. Operations Group +
      • Programming Team
      • Sponsorship and Fundraising Team
      • Volunteers and Training Team
      • Technical and OB Team

    Roles and Responsibilities

    The Voice FM Board

    The Board is responsible for the overall strategic direction of Voice FM - governance, management, compliance and for delivering accountable corporate performance in accordance with the organisation's policies and procedures. With a further focus on finance, funding, youth engagement and leadership.

    Email: board@voicefm.net.au

    Station Manager: to be appointed

    The Station Manager (part-time) is responsible to the Voice Board as its Executive Officer and for implementation of policy as well as the day to day running of the Station including: general administration, finance, ensuring the station operates within its authorised budget, fundraising, sponsorship, membership, subscriptions and volunteers. The Station Manager also sits on all the Committees including Finance, Programming and Complaints.

    Email: stationmanager@voicefm.net.au

    Operations Group

    Reporting through the Station Manager, the group comprises the Team Coordinators: Programming, Sponsorship and Fundraising, Volunteers and Training, Technical. The team oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of VoiceFM, the business. The Group reports to the Station Manager.


    1. Programming Team:
      The Programming Team is responsible for the sound of Voice FM. This includes managing a range of programming issues at the station, including facilitating new programs, music coordination, maintaining the day to day broadcasting and special events programming. It also involves feedback for and review of programs.

    Email: programming@voicefm.net.au


    1. Sponsorship and Funding Team
      The Sponsorship and Fundraising Team coordinates the promotion of sponsorship and seeks funding for Voice FM radio projects, as well as coordinates community announcements CSAs, social media including our website and webcam, and Apps.

    Sponsorship and Funding Coordinator: TBA

    Email: sponsorship@voicefm.net.au


    1. Volunteers and Training Team
      The Volunteers and Training Team organises training courses for volunteers and potential broadcasters, as well as training updates and reviews for current programmers. They maintain high quality training at the station, as well as recruiting, encouraging and organising volunteers alongside ensuring that their skills are accessed to the benefit of the station.

    Volunteers and Training Coordinator: TBA

    Email: training@voicefm.net.au


    1. Technical and OB Team

    The Technical and OB Team is responsible for the technical operation of Voice FM, maintaining all its equipment, ensuring compliance with the Broadcasting Act rules and regulations at all times, and maintaining around-the-clock broadcast capability. The Team also supervises the administration and operation of radio station computers and networking systems and responds to or assigns a qualified technician to respond to technical emergencies on a twenty-four hour basis.

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